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As I stare into the mirror
Looking at what I wear
I realize I wear a color
That represents us as a whole
Those who have been bullied
Yelled at
Talked down to
Is it because they were different?
Did they hold another boy's hand?
Or perhaps a girl was caught kissing her girlfriend
Perhaps it had nothing to do with that
Were they tormented because of their clothes?
When all they wanted was someone to care
They were hurt
Thinking they weren't good enough
They hurt themselves
That is why I wear purple
To show my small town
That I care about these people
The ones still here and the ones that are gone
I care about them like they were my brothers
Or my sisters
Even if I've never seen them before
And to those that I see every day
Who are being hurt
Who are hurting
I let them know that there's always a place
A person
Who is willing to listen
And is willing to be their friend
And is ready to defend them
As I look into the mirror
And see the color wear
I'm proud
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Bear Bear! by RandomStarvingArtist Bear Bear! :iconrandomstarvingartist:RandomStarvingArtist 1 8
Mature content
Spring :iconrandomstarvingartist:RandomStarvingArtist 0 0
Shocked and Numb
Shocked and Numb
A friend once told me that you don't always need a gun to take down the unsub and from that point on my words became my own secret weapon; I had a degree in psychology after all and my eidetic memory helped me to have a wide vocabulary, but something happened today that hasn't happened in a while. The case had been simple enough, or as simple as they can be since we're normally called in when the LEOs can't solve the case themselves: two teenaged girls, best friends in fact, had been kidnapped and one girl was dead before we arrived and the other was still alive. As we began to dig through the girl's life we discovered that her and her father had been put into a witness protection program because her father had once had a rather…questionable occupation that involved some very powerful crime families. I could explain every single detail of the case if I wanted to; I could even repeat it from memory, from the time Hotch called us into the conference room until I lef
:iconrandomstarvingartist:RandomStarvingArtist 6 12
Petit Papa Noel
Petit Papa Noel
It was Christmas Eve and everyone at the BAU had the day off; Prentiss was flying out to see her mother, which she had been dreading for the past month or so, Rossi was going to Italy to visit some very distant relatives, JJ, Will, and Henry took a road trip down to Louisiana to visit Will's family, Morgan was going to see his mother and sister's and was planning on staying all the way through New Year's, and Hotch was going to spend as much time with Jack as possible and even hinted at visiting Haley's grave. And then there was him, Dr. Spencer Reid, who had absolutely no plans for the cheerful holiday. He had originally planned on visiting his mother, but when he had called up the hospital her doctor told him that she had just recently had a bad episode and wasn't in any condition to have visitors coming. So besides worrying over his mother, he was spending Christmas alone again this year. But why was he feeling so different this year? His parents never really celebra
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My Dumb Pretty Boy by RandomStarvingArtist My Dumb Pretty Boy :iconrandomstarvingartist:RandomStarvingArtist 5 30 Dirt and Ice by RandomStarvingArtist Dirt and Ice :iconrandomstarvingartist:RandomStarvingArtist 2 6 Snow Lake by RandomStarvingArtist Snow Lake :iconrandomstarvingartist:RandomStarvingArtist 2 6 Running Water by RandomStarvingArtist Running Water :iconrandomstarvingartist:RandomStarvingArtist 2 11 Abandoned Cabin by RandomStarvingArtist Abandoned Cabin :iconrandomstarvingartist:RandomStarvingArtist 1 3
Lullaby- Emmy Rossum
Shaun could hear the faint whimpering coming from beside him and the historian immediately woke up from what he had though had been a deep sleep.  He had just crawled into bed two hours ago after a nearly three day work binge and he had prayed to every deity that he could think of that his boyfriend wouldn't get plagued by the nightmares that he always seemed to get, but his prayers seemed to go unanswered.  Cocking his head to the side, the red headed Brit gave a small gasp when he saw how close Desmond's face was to his; he could practically feel the warm, frantic breath on his face.  Sitting up and propping himself up against the iron rod headboard, he pulled his love into his lap, being careful not to wake him up, and began cooing a simple lullaby.  Singing always seemed to calm the young novice down and it always worked better if Shaun had caught it early.  
"I love you, you bloody wanker."
Whispers In T
:iconrandomstarvingartist:RandomStarvingArtist 2 6
Change of Plans
Change of Plans
Shaun listened to the crash of the waves against the beach, his red head resting against his love's strong shoulder.  It had been a year since the end of the Templar war had ended.  It had been eleven months since his love had proposed to him.  It had been a week since his wedding.  It had been three days since they had arrived for their honeymoon.  His blue green eyes scanned the roaring waters, his own eyes matching the color of the water and a small smile graced his features.  Just last week he had been the first time in a long time that he had smiled.  He remembered it was right after Desmond had told him 'I do'.  Sure, he had been happy when his love had proposed to him, he cried tears of joy over it, but he hadn't been able to smile.  It had been too soon since the "incident" and he had prayed that his love would understand and it seemed that the man had.
"It's really beautif
:iconrandomstarvingartist:RandomStarvingArtist 8 7
Cause I'm Bored by RandomStarvingArtist Cause I'm Bored :iconrandomstarvingartist:RandomStarvingArtist 0 7
Spending the Day Together
Spend the Day Together
I enjoy spending time together
Because I'm such a daddy's girl
You always make me giggle
You always make me laugh
I love spending time with you
Because you're my best friend
We don't always get along
We sometimes fight a lot
But you always make things right
You're there to correct my mistakes
To kiss my hurt away
As I get older
And I start to make my way in the world
Never forget that I always love spending time with you
Because you'll always be my dad
And I always be your little girl
Yes this is a cheesy poem
Written in ten minutes time
But know that I mean every bit of it
I know I won't be here forever
And I know you won't be either
But know that spending a day together
Means more than words can say
:iconrandomstarvingartist:RandomStarvingArtist 3 3
Milky Blue 02
Milky Blue
If after working for the man for three weeks Ezio was ever asked what three words came to mind when he thought of Leonardo da Vinci, the first one would be childish.  Despite being seven years older than the Auditore, Leonardo often acted like a child whenever he didn't get his way.  He would pout, whine, stomp his foot, run off somewhere if decided he wanted to be moody, or just go off into his own little world if he was being scolded by Rosaria for going outside.  But it wasn't always the negative part of the character trait that came out; sometimes the good would shine through as well.  The man seemed so innocent in his views towards the world and what went on in it, he often laughed at the smallest things, found the simplest joys in the simplest things like when Ezio had caught him watching Margherita, the stray kitten that seemed to think Leonardo was its long last mama, roll around with a tiny piece of blue string, laughing when
:iconrandomstarvingartist:RandomStarvingArtist 6 20
Milky Blue
Milky Blue
Ezio Auditore stood outside of a small looking building, inwardly groaning at the thought of actually having to work.  His father had finally become so fed up with all of his troublemaking that he had told the young man to either get a job or stay at home with him.  The Florentine noble chose the first option; at least this way he could get out of his house and perhaps goof off every once in awhile.  He had originally wanted to pick out his new job, but before he could even begin to go around the city, asking people if they needed an extra assistant or something, his mother had gotten him a job working as an errand boy of some sorts for an artist that lived all the way across the city.  The brunette showed his obvious displeasure to his new employment by not showing up the first day, but when his mother had found out that he was gallivanting around town with Federico, all hell broke loose.  There was screaming, arguing, yelli
:iconrandomstarvingartist:RandomStarvingArtist 7 24

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Hello! To those who have no idea who I am, I'm a non-typical teenage girl who would rather spend her Saturday nights watching anime than going out to a club. I'm a total gamer girl at heart (I have my awesome twin to thank for that one!) and am currently obsessed with anything to do with Assassin's Creed. I'm also a yaoi fangirl so...if you don't like it then you won't like anything on this account! I have a tendency to switch obsessions from time to time and while Assassin's Creed is my current game obsession, my current TV obsession is a tie between Merlin and Criminal Minds. The nerdy and absolutely sweet Dr. Spencer Reid (played by the gorgeous Matthew Gray Gubler) is my Criminal Minds love and bold yet kind Merlin (played by the lovely Colin Morgan) is my Merlin love. As far as what I do on here, I write fanfiction for Assassin's Creed, Criminal Minds, and Merlin and I'm hoping to add to that list soon! I also do some photography, but that's only when I go hiking so it's not very often that I'll post pictures on this site. I am open to requests too! I will take on pretty much anything, but I would prefer to keep fandom stories within the fandoms that I write in. So...that's pretty much me in a nutshell and remember: If life didn't f-ing suck 98% of the time it wouldn't be so f-ing beautiful!
Hey guys! :heart: I'm just gonna start this journal off with this: I have made the best tea EVER! :la: Here's the recipe if you guys want to make it yourselves: half a Tbls. of green tea (Joy Luck Green Tea), half a Tbls. of ginger peach tea (The Republic of Tea), and a teaspoon of oolong tea (Joy Luck Oolong Tea). Then I added ginger honey, which my mom stumbled upon when we were going through the Asian supermarket and a few drops of lemon and you guys don't have to add the honey or the lemon; the ginger peach tea is sweet on its own. Also, the only place that we've been able to find the green tea and oolong tea was at the same Asian market and it comes in a tin (green tea is green and the oolong is red), but I think you can also buy it in...:shrug: Anyways, that's my spiel about how amazing my tea is! I'm beyond excited for next week on Wednesday! :woohoo: I'm going to a human cadaver lab for my anatomy class! Signed up for this lab about...two months ago and now that it's so close I just can't wait! I'm staying after school until about 5, carpool with about 20 other kids into downtown Denver, and look at a dead human body. Fun right? :iconiluplz: The organs are already going to be removed from the body, but, from what my teacher has told us, is that we can touch the organs and feel them and hold them and and and-! :faint: People ask me why I'm such a weirdo. It's like, "Hey guys, I enjoy writing boyxboy love stories, specifically Assassin's Creed, talk to my imaginary friend Bob, and hold the organs of dead humans." and people just completely ignore me! It makes for an interesting life though. :shakefish: At the current moment I'm revisiting a chunk of my childhood and watching Robots. Ewan McGregor's voice is so amazing! I absolutely adore that man so much :iconhuggleplz: The only other man that can rival Ewan's voice, in my mind, is Terrance Zdunich. If you don't know who he is look up Repo! The Genetic Opera and you'll understand why I love him so much. So that is the end of my odd ramblings and onto the single update that I have for you guys! :la:
:heart: The One and Only Update in Forever :heart:
:bulletblue: Milky Blue :bulletblue:
This story is officially gonna be written between now and Thanksgiving even if it kills me! The only reason why it hasn't been written is because of school, work, homework, projects, and my friends. And whoever says that your senior year is easy...they shall be placed in a dark hole somewhere and left to rot! It has totally messed up my fanfiction writing abilities and it seems like no matter what I write it turns out like crap and- :faints: Sorry for the rant! I've been banging ideas around and I'm proud to say that I've finally come up with something that actually makes me happy, but I'm not going to reveal too much. All I have to say is that this is gonna be the chapter where you find out why Leonardo is nearly blind!
:heart: End of the One and Only Update in Forever :heart:
So that is pretty much all I have to say at the moment. Still fangirling over Ewan's voice, but other than that I've got nothing. Hope you're all excited for the update cause I know I am!
:heart: you all!
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